3D-TV IR Receivers
Vishay has developed the TSOP75D26 and TSOP35D26 IR Receivers specifically for 3-D TV applications. They are compliant to the Consumer Electronic Associations new 3D standard, CEA=2038 and use the long encoding scheme for added signal integrity.
3D-TV IR Receivers and Emitters Selector Guide
Featured Videos

Gesture Control System

Vishay’s VCNL4020 Gesture system - Run Time 05:00

Super 12 for 2013 ~ VCNL3020 Proximity Sensor with I2C Interface

One Minute Video on the VCNL3020 Proximity Sensor with I2C Interface

Low Profile IR Emitters and Detector

New side vew emitters and detector at 1 mm (run time 02:50)

VLMU3100 Ultraviolet Emitters

Presentation describing the market and the performance of the VLMU3100 - run time 04:00

New Generation Aether IC

New Generation Aether IC offers significant enhancements to sensitivity and ESD performance - Run Time 05:00

VCNL4020 Product Introduction

Fully integrated proximity and ambient light sensor in rectangle package. Run time 09:30

TSOP57x and TSOP37x Remote Control Receivers

New series of remote control receivers, our smallest ever! Run time 03:30

TCNT2000 Tiny Package

TCNT2000 Reflective Optical Sensor With Up To 5 mm Detection Range - Run time 03:00

IR Receivers – NextGen IC

New portfolio of remote control receivers - Run time 05:11

CNY6x High Voltage Isolation Optocouplers

Introducing two new category IV high voltage optocouplers. Run Time 05:40

Surflight A850 Series

SurfLight emitters deliver intensity levels up to 5 times greater than those produced by standard technology. Run time 05:42

Low Input Current, 4-Pin Optocoupler Portfolio

A complete portfolio of low input current, 4-pin optocouplers - run time 04:45

Low Input Current Optocouplers

Devices featuring high current transfer ratios at low input currents - Run Timie 03:00

Signal Conditioning ICs

Designed to Process IR Remote Control Signals From Discrete Photodiodes - Run Time 03:05

Solar Power

Optocouplers and Solid State Relays for Solar Power Applications - Run Time 04:45

VLMW41S1T2-JKPL LED products

New color binning options. Run time 03:20

IR Remote Control Receiver

IR Remote Control Receiver — Minimum operating voltage reduced to 2 V - Run Time: 03:06

Phototriacs for Consumer Applications

Phototriacs – how they work and where to find them in your home - Run Time: 05:36

High-Speed Analog Optocouplers

An overview of the Vishay 1MBd Analog Optocouplers - Run Time: 03:00

Ambient Light Sensor Portfolio

A seven slide overview of the Vishay Ambient Light Sensor portfolio - Run Time: 05:43

3D-TV IR Receivers

An overview of the Vishay 3D-TV IR Receivers and Emitters - Run Time: 04:00

High-Speed SMD PIN Photodiodes

A four slide overview of the VBPW34 and VBP104 high-speed PIN photodiodes - Run Time: 03:40

Vishay VO2223 and VO2223A Power Phototriacs

An overview of the Vishay VO2223 and VO2223A Power Phototriacs - Run Time. 03:10

Ambient Light Sensor (Product Demo)

Ambient light sensor spectral sensitivity - Run time. 05:07

VCNL4000 Demo at electronica 2010

Demo of the VCNL4000 Proximity Sensor at electronica 2010 - Run time. 05:22

VCNL4000 Proximity Function Demo Kit Tutorial

Tutorial video for the proximity function of the VCNL4000 Demo Kit - Run time. 04:01

VCNL4000 Ambient Light Function Demo Kit Tutorial

Tutorial video for the ambient light function of the VCNL4000 Demo Kit - Run time. 05:27

Ambient Light Sensing

Single versus double diode measurement. Run time 07:15