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Safety Light Barriers and Your Garage Door

Demonstration of Infrared Emitters and Receivers in Light Barrier Systems ~ Run time 03:44


Welcome Home Series: Episode 4 - Smoke Detector Teardown
We continue to uncover Vishay optoelectronic products in the home. This episode has us looking up at something we hope we never need.
Welcome Home Series: Episode 3 - TVs, DVDs, STBs, Streaming Media Devices
After uncovering optoelectronic products at our front door and garage, we finally get in the house, go straight to the couch, lie down, and grab the remote. We uncover optoelectronic products in and around our TV.
Welcome Home Series: Episode 2 - Garage Door Safety Switch
After getting through the front door in Episode 1 of our Welcome Home Series, we head to the garage to uncover infrared emitters and IR receivers used to stop the garage door from closing if an object is in the path of the door.
First Automotive-qualified Digital Ambient Light Sensor
Vishay’s first ambient light sensor qualified to AEC-Q100, the VEML6031X00 features 16-bit resolution, two preconfigured slave addresses, and separate channels for visible light and infrared light.
IR Receivers - Understanding the AGC Function and Mapping Tool
One of the unique features that makes Vishay's IR Receivers the best at filtering out optical noise is the AGC function. This video explains the feature, how to use the mapping tool on the Vishay website, and where in the datasheet AGC is shown.