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Rotational Absolute Magnetic Encoders product demonstration (RAMK)

Learn how the RAMK060 works, what the main advantages are of this technology, and the variety of applications suitable for this product. In addition, we demonstrate the encoder working in different conditions; hot, cold and moisture.


Pulse Capability Demonstration of Vishay's WSHP2818
View a demonstration showing the pulse capability of Vishay's WSHP2816 SMP High Power Shunt Resistor against a 2816 competitor device.
RAMK040 – Rotational Absolute Magnetic Kit 40mm
This short animation provides an overview of the new RAMK040 and details some of the features, shows the dimensions of the product in detail and covers the recommended mechanical fixation method.
ACAS AT Thin Film Chip Resistor Array
VIew this short video to discover the main advantages and applications for the ACAS AT Thin Film Chip Resistor Array
Vishay Electro-Films IGBR Benefits and Applications
The benefits and applications of a thin film high power back contact resistor.
LT Spice simulation of Thermoelectric Peltier Element  Temperature Control with NTCALUG03A
LT Spice demonstration of a Thermoelectric Peltier element temperature control simulation with an analog PID using a NTCALUG03A ring tongue thermistor sensor, including fail safe function.