August 2019
Featured Announcement
INFOGRAPHIC Featuring Low ESR TR3 Tantalum Capacitors and T55 Polymer Capacitors
TR3 tantalum capacitors and T55 polymer capacitors with low ESR for industrial, telecom, and consumer applications
Improve Performance and Reliability with Low ESR Tantalum Capacitors
Vishay's TR3 low ESR tantalum capacitors allow higher charge and discharge currents and reduce the effects of heating
Learn About Vishay Components for Energy Generation at Husum Wind, September 10-13
Visit us at the Messe Husum & Congress, Husum, Germany; Hall 4, Booth 4C18
Brochure Now Available - Diodes and Rectifiers, Modules, and SCR Thyristors for Industrial Applications
Browse our new brochure featuring diodes, rectifiers, modules and SCR thyristors for select industrial applications
Our WFM Power Metal PlateTM Resistors Series Has Two Key Construction Features That Extend Resistance Range While Supporting Higher Power Ratings for Current Sense Applications
WFM Power Metal PlateTM resistors use a copper plate to efficiently transfer heat to the PCB and nickel chromium alloy to withstand higher temperatures with less lifetime drift. Thermal Efficiency + Resistance Alloy = Life Time Stability
Featured New Products (NPIs)
New Series of X1, X2, and Y2 Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Suppression Film Capacitors Withstand THB Testing of 85 C, 85 % Relative Humidity for 1000 Hours at Rated Voltage to Ensure Longer Life in Harsh Environments
New Automotive Grade, Hybrid-Mount WFP Power Metal PlateTM Current Sense Resistors Feature High 20 W Power Rating and Low Resistance Down to 2 mΩ in 3939 Case Size to Reduce Component Counts and Increase Measurement Accuracy
New IHDM Edge-Wound, Through-Hole Inductors With Rated Current to 150 A for Industrial and Military Applications
Fast Facts
Vishay GBS and GBS E Series Vitreous Wirewound Resistors with Corrugated Ribbon Are Now UL- and CSA-Recognized
Thin Film Resistor Networks - Precision Thin Film Technology | Read More >>
196 HVC - Hybrid Storage ENYCAP™ Capacitors | Read More >>
Vishay Dale Thin Film Chip Overview: Resistive Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries | Read More >>
Wire Bondable Passive Components Product Family |
Did You Know? ESD Protection Diodes with Chip Level Package (CLP) Technology Save Space | Read More >>

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