Wind Turbine

Vishay Components Used

  • Power MOSFETS
  • High Voltage MOSFETS
  • High Power Modules
  • Diodes, Rectifiers
  • Power Capacitors
  • Crowbar Resistors
  • Thermistors
  • Optical Isolators
  • Inductors/ EMI Filters
  • Shunt Resistors
  • ESD Protection
  • LDOs
  • Communications Interface Ics
  • Transient/Overvoltage Protection Devices
EMI-Filter Reverse Polarity Protection SMPS Buck Converter Transient Protection ESD-Protection Filter Pull-Up / Down Resistor Position Sensor DC Link Current Sensor EMI-Filter Low Side Current Sensor Motor Switch Reverse Polarity Protection Transient Protection Position Sensor Temperature Sensor
EMI Filter Reverse Polarity Protection Security Switch Transient Protection SMPS Buck Converter EMI Filter Reverse Polarity Protection Security Switch Transient Protection Buffer Capacitor High Side Current Sensor High Side Switch Low Side Current Sensor Low Side Switch Storage Inductor

A wind turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy from wind into mechanical energy that is used to drive a generator to produce electricity. Large grid-connected arrays of turbines are becoming an increasingly important source of commercial electric power. Wind turbine systems are usually generators with more than 2 MW of power and typically variable speed types. Solid-state power converters are used to interface the generator and power transmission system. Conversion efficiency, high reliability, and low maintenance are typical requirements for these systems. In addition, all wind turbine systems must be equipped with safety systems to prevent damage due to high wind speed or any other grid- or system-related problems.

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