xDSL ModemRouter

Vishay Components Used

  • Power IC Controllers
  • Power MOSFETS
  • Switching Diodes
  • Schottky Diodes
  • Capacitors
  • Visible LEDS
  • Inductors/EMI Filters
  • Transient/Overvoltage Protection Devices
  • ESD Protection Devices
  • LDOs
EMI-Filter Reverse Polarity Protection SMPS Buck Converter Transient Protection ESD-Protection Filter Pull-Up / Down Resistor Position Sensor DC Link Current Sensor EMI-Filter Low Side Current Sensor Motor Switch Reverse Polarity Protection Transient Protection Position Sensor Temperature Sensor
EMI Filter Reverse Polarity Protection Security Switch Transient Protection SMPS Buck Converter EMI Filter Reverse Polarity Protection Security Switch Transient Protection Buffer Capacitor High Side Current Sensor High Side Switch Low Side Current Sensor Low Side Switch Storage Inductor

xDSL Modem/Router Design is separated into two segments: Power and Peripheral. The Power Segment involves supplying hardware device power sources. The first step is to convert the working voltage to a usable range and stability by applying switching mode dc-to-dc Buck Converters with high efficiency and high current capability. Another voltage conversion is done for the the key power sources such as CPUs and DSPs. For the I/O parts and Memory Power, Low-Dropout Regulators or Linear Regulation is generally used as a solution because of their lower prices and simple circuitry. The Peripheral Segment can be regarded as a low-power segment. It includes USB Ports, External Connections, Wireless Transmission such as WLAN, and Control Lights. Some of these need similar functions such as ESD protection, current limiting, or load switching.

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