Vishay Components Used

  • Diodes and Rectifiers
  • Power MOSFETs
  • Infrared Transceivers
  • Power Ics (load switch, dc-to-dc conversion, and other types)
  • Analog Switches and Multiplexers
  • Resistors (non-linear, thick film, thin film, wirewound, and other types)
  • Inductors
  • Capacitors (aluminum, ceramic, film, tantalum, silicon RF, and other types)
EMI-Filter Reverse Polarity Protection SMPS Buck Converter Transient Protection ESD-Protection Filter Pull-Up / Down Resistor Position Sensor DC Link Current Sensor EMI-Filter Low Side Current Sensor Motor Switch Reverse Polarity Protection Transient Protection Position Sensor Temperature Sensor
EMI Filter Reverse Polarity Protection Security Switch Transient Protection SMPS Buck Converter EMI Filter Reverse Polarity Protection Security Switch Transient Protection Buffer Capacitor High Side Current Sensor High Side Switch Low Side Current Sensor Low Side Switch Storage Inductor

Vishay manufactures a broad range of components for mobile phone (cell phone) applications, including radio frequency (RF) control, audio control, visual display, and power management. Vishay components also enable the use of SIM cards, support USB connectivity between cell phones and peripherals, enable data exchange between IrDA®-enabled or Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phones and peripherals, and support other key functions.

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