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Reliable Neutral Grounding Resistors, High Current Grid Resistors

 NGR Datasheet


  • Tied live design so that there are no floating voltages in the assembly
  • Rugged shock resistant IP23 rated enclosures available environmental protection
  • Lifting eyes allow safe and easy installation

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Application Notes
Application Note - Grid Resistors: Determining Nominal Resistance
Application Note - Grid Resistors: Load Steps and Resolution
Application Note - Grid Resistors: Tied Live Designs
Product Literature
Instructional Guide - Vishay Dale Resistors - Medical 101
Product Overview - Custom Resistor Solutions from Vishay Milwaukee
Product Sheet - NGR - Reliable Neutral Grounding Resistors (NGR), High-Current Grid Resistors
Tradeshow Brochure - Industrial Power Wirewound Resistors: Featured Products
Reference Data
Safety and Instruction Manual - Neutral Grounding Resistors (NGRs)
Product Support
Technical Questions
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