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NTC Thermistors
Vishay NTC thermistors provide solutions for applications with temperatures up to 900 °C and applications requiring extreme stability over long lifetimes.
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Portfolio Overview
  • Tight tolerances down to ± 0.2 °C or < ± 1 %
  • Operating temperatures up to +900 °C
  • Automotive qualified products
  • Thin film RTD technology and NTC/PTC ceramic technology
  • Broad offering of case sizes, through-hole parts and assembly products
Key Features and Benefits
  • Large portfolio offers the "right" solution for application requirements
  • Provide solutions for the specific requirements of high accuracy, fast response time, mounting options and high operating temperature
  • Custom assemblies (housing, wiring, connector, mounting) available to meet different requirements
  • Tight tolerances and high sensitivity
  • High reliability, long life time, and high stability
  • Compliance with automotive standards
  • Operation at high temperatures
  • Harsh environmental conditions - moisture and thermal shock resistant
  • Compliant to specific customer processing as potting and wire-bonding
Market Position
  • Largest supplier of resistor technologies and thin film resistors in the market
  • Established supplier of both thin film and ceramic (NTC/PTC) technology solutions for automotive, industrial and other applications where high temperatures, harsh operating conditions, and high reliability are key factors
  • Established supplier of custom assemblies and housings
  • Industrial electronics like automation and controls, measurement equipment, drive controls, energy meters, and inverters for alternative energy systems
  • Automotive: TMAP, ABS, AIS, ARS, Ad-blue sensor, DC-DC converters, BMS, etc.
  • Medical grade applications for instrumentation, disposables and implantable devices
  • Telecom - Battery back-up for cell phone towers, antennas, and radar systems