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Power Wirewound Resistors
High-power resistors with ratings up to 2500 W (at 25 °C) with numerous mounting and heatsink options and custom housing designs
Featured Products
RB Series
Wirewound Resistors, Industrial Power, Tubular, Ribwound (RB), Fixed (RBEF, RBSF), (RBEA, RBSA)
Portfolio Overview
  • Power ratings up to 2500 W (20 kW for assemblies) at 25 °C
  • Operating conditions up to 450 °C
  • High stability, high current, tight tolerance (± 0.05 %)
  • Watercooled devices
  • Ribwound, roundwire, and oval devices
  • Adjustable and non-inductive devices
  • Numerous mounting and heatsink options and custom housing designs
Key Features and Benefits
  • Large portfolio offers the "right" solutions for application requirements
  • Meet specific requirements for long life, tight tolerance, high pulse power, and high operating temperature
  • Superior inductive performance
  • Custom assemblies (housing, hardware, mounting) available to meet space requirements
  • Space saving with watercooled
  • Power requirements over 50 W with high pulse overloads, high temperature environments, and excellent reliability requirements (high maintenance costs – fit and forget)
  • Mechanically constrained designs (custom housing, heatsinks, mounting options, etc.)
Market Position
  • Largest supplier of resistor technologies in the market
  • Proven source of high-performance wirewound resistors for power applications and harsh operating conditions
  • Established supplier of custom assemblies and housings
  • Industrial - Power systems, laser and water-cutting controls, dynamic braking (elevators, etc.), pumps and bleed resistors with large capacitors, down-hole drilling and mining, and inverters for alternative energy systems
  • Medical - High-power equipment (X-ray, MRI, scanners)
  • Telecom - Battery back-up for cell phone towers, antennas, and radar systems
  • HVDC SVC valves / large drives (snubber and dividers)

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