Environmental Health and Safety

Protection of the Environment:

Conduct our business operations in a manner that protects the environmental quality of the communities in which our facilities are located. Reduce risks involved with storage and use of hazardous materials. The Company is also committed to continual improvement of its environmental performance.
The LIFE Project is an example of a Vishay environmental effort that was sponsored by the European Union

Safety and Health of our Employees:

Provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and contractors working at our sites. Integrate safety, health, and environmental protection into our business activities. Educate and train employees and contractors to conduct their daily activities in an environmentally responsible and safe manner.

Compliance with Environmental, Health and Safety Laws and Regulations:

Comply with all relevant environmental health and safety laws and regulations in every location. Maintain a system that provides timely updates of regulatory change. Develop a product stewardship program that ensures that changes in EHS requirements are reflected in Company products and processes. Cooperate fully with governmental agencies in meeting applicable requirements. Facilities are also expected to comply with other EHS requirements adopted by the Company.

Energy, Resource Conservation and Pollution Control:

Strive to minimize energy and material consumption in the design of products and processes, and in the operation of our facilities. Promote the recycling of materials, including hazardous wastes, whenever possible. Minimize the generation of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes at our facilities to prevent or eliminate pollution. Manage and dispose of wastes safely and responsibly.


Promote sound environmental health and safety principles and practices by encouraging open communication with employees, governmental agencies, suppliers, contractors, customers and industry groups.


Conduct periodic audits of the Company's compliance with laws, regulations and Vishay's Environmental Health and Safety Policies and other requirements to which the Company subscribes. Promptly implement plans for any required corrective actions. Provide overall assessment of Company's Environmental Health and Safety management systems.