Vishay Semiconductors 

Vishay Semiconductors includes the former Vishay Telefunken product lines, the former General Semiconductor product lines, the infrared component product lines acquired from Infineon Technologies, and selected product lines acquired from International Rectifier (excluding planar high-voltage MOSFETs).

The Vishay Semiconductors product portfolio includes rectifiers, fast-recovery diodes, high-power diodes and thyristors, small-signal diodes, Zener and suppressor diodes, RF transistors, optoelectronics, power modules (a combination of power diodes, thyristors, MOSFETs, and IGBTs), and automotive modules and assemblies.

Vishay is the world's number one manufacturer of rectifiers, glass diodes, and infrared components.

   Infrared emitting diodes
   Infrared receiver modules
   Infrared transceivers
   Optical sensors
   Photo detectors
   Diodes – Rectifiers
   Solid state relays
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