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Load Switch

Product NameStatusDescriptionFeaturesPackageQ-Level
DG9236DN-T1-E4Dual SPDT Analog Switch Vss=2.7V to 16V max, Rdson=101ohm Ton time= 70 nS, Toff time= 55nSLeakage curr<0.5nA max. Lead-free low profile Low voltage, 1.8V CMOSSMD MiniQFN-10L
DG9251EN-T1-E48-Chl,Dual4-Chl,Triple2-Chl Multiplexer Vss= 2.7V to 16V max,Rdson= 145 ohm Ton time= 335 nS, Toff time= 150nSLowcharge inject<4.1pC Halogen-free SMD MiniQFN-16