Power Supply - Surge Current Limiter

Power Resistor

Product NameStatusDescriptionFeaturesPackageQ-Level
CMB 0207carbon film resistor2.2 Ohms to 1.5 Mohms superior power rating; high pulse capabilitySMD 0207 MELF
MMxthin film MELF resistor, SMD0.22 Ohms to 10 Mohms low tol.; low TC; high P; excellent stability;SMD 0102 to 0207 MELF
SMM0207thin film MELF resistor, SMD0.16 Ohms to 10 MOhms; high power rating; excellent stability;SMD 0207 MELF
Z300Axial Cemented Wirewound Resistor Non flammable0.3 Ohms to 8.2k Ohms, 1W to 10W power rating; high pulse capabilityTH / Axial