Point-Of-Load (PoL) Power - DC/DC Converter

Analog Switch

Product NameStatusDescriptionFeaturesPackageQ-Level
DG419Precision CMOS Analog Switches15V Analog Signal Range, RDSon = 20 OhmSMD SOT-23 (TO-236)

Current Sense

Product NameStatusDescriptionFeaturesPackageQ-Level
WSL1206Power Metal Strip, for current sensing; low resistance values; tight tolerances; low TCR;R001 - R2; 1 %; TCR <= ± 75ppm P70 = 0.25WSMD 1206


Product NameStatusDescriptionFeaturesPackageQ-Level
293DSolid Tantalum Chip Capacitors; TANTAMOUNT®0.10µF - 680µF, 4 - 50V, CECC standard typesSMD A-P Case
515DAluminum Capacitors + 85 °C, Miniature, Radial Lead;0.1 µF-18000µF, 6.3-450V, high CVSMD SMD
516DAluminum Capacitors + 85 °C, Miniature, Radial Lead;0.47µF-10000µF, 6.3-450V, high CVTH / axial Axial
595DSolid Tantalum Chip Capacitors; TANTAMOUNT®0,1µF-1500µF, 4-50V, maximum CVSMD A-T case

General-Purpose Diode

Product NameStatusDescriptionFeaturesPackageQ-Level
1N4148W-VSMD Small-Signal Fast-Switching DiodeIF=150mA, VR=75VSOD123
BAS21-VSMD Small-Signal Switching Diodes, High-Voltage; SMDIF= 200mA, VR= 250VSMD SOT23
BAS40-06-VSMD Small-Signal Schottky Diodes, Single and Dual;IF= 200mA, VR=40VSMD SOT23
BAT54-VSMD Small-Signal Schottky Diodes, Single and Dual;IF=200mA, 30VSMD SOT23
BAT54WS-VSmall-Signal Schottky Diodes, Single and Dual; SMDIF=200mA, VR=30VSMD SOT23
BAV99- VSMD Small-Signal Schottky Diode; DualIF=250mA, VR=70VSMD SOT23
LL4148SMD Small-Signal Fast Switching DiodesIF=300mA, VR=75V, VF=1,0V, ad IF=50mASMD SOD80
LL4150SMD Small-Signal Fast Switching DiodeIF=600mA, VR=50V, VF=1,0V, ad IF=200mASMD SOD80


Product NameStatusDescriptionFeaturesPackageQ-Level
IHA-104 Filter Inductors500µH, IDC=1,6ATH / axial axial leaded
IHLP2525CZHigh-Current, Surface-Mount Inductor0,1-10µH, IDC=7-60A, shieldedSMD 6,5×6,5×3,0mm
IHLP5050CELow-Profile, High-Current Inductor0,1-10µH, IDC=14-84A, shieldedSMD 13×13×3,5mm
IHLP5050FDLow-Profile, High-Current Inductor0,1-10µH, IDC=15,5-120A, shieldedSMD 13×13×6,5mm
ILSB0805Monolithic Chip Inductors0,047-33µH, IDC=5-300mA, self-shieldedSMD 0805
IMC1812SMD Inductor; Molded;10nH-1000µH, IDC=30-450mASMD 1812


Product NameStatusDescriptionFeaturesPackageQ-Level
IL207ATOptocoupler; Phototransistor Output; AC Input; Base Connection;Isolation Voltage 4000VrmsSMD SOIC-8A
IL216ATOptocoupler; Phototransistor Output; AC Input; Base Connection;Isolation Voltage 4000VrmsSMD SOIC-8
ILD207TOptocoupler, Phototransistor Output; Dual ChannelIsolation Voltage 4000VrmsSMD SOIC-8
ILD256TOptocoupler, Phototransistor Output; Dual Channel; AC InputIsolation Voltage 4000VrmsSMD SOIC-8
LH15251 Form A Solid-State Relays, High-SpeedIsolation Voltage 5300Vrms, high-speedSMD DIP-6 / SMD-6


Product NameStatusDescriptionFeaturesPackageQ-Level
2N7002KN-Channel 60-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=2Ohm@ ID=300mA, VGS=10VSOT-23 (TO-236)
Si2301CDSP-Channel 2.5-V (G-S) MOSFETRDSon=.112Ohm VGS=-4.5V ID= 3.1AmpSMD SOT-23 (TO-236)
Si2302CDSN-Channel MOSFET, 20V(D-S)RDSon=57mohm ID=2.9A VGS=4.5V SMD SOT-23 (TO-236)
Si2304DDSN-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=60mOhm@ ID=3.6A,VGS=10V SMD SOT-23 (TO-236)
Si2305CDSP-Channel MOSFET, 1.8V(G-S) , -8V(D-S)RDSon=65mOhm ID=-4.3A VGS=-1.8V SMD SOT-23 (TO-236)
Si2306BDSN-Channel MOSFET, 30V(D-S)RDSon=47mOhm@ ID=4A, VGS=10VSMD SOT-23 (TO-236)
Si2309DSP-Channel 60-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=340mOhm@ ID=-1.25A, VGS=-10VSMD SOT-23 (TO-236)
Si2316BDSN-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=50mOhm@ ID=4.5A, VGS=10VSMD SOT-23 (TO-236)
Si2325DSP-Channel 150-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=1.2Ohm@ ID=-0.69A, VGS=-10VSMD SOT-23 (TO-236)
Si2328DSN-Channel 100-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=250mOhm@ ID=1.5A, VGS=10VSMD SOT-23 (TO-236)
Si2333CDSP-Channel 12-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=35mOhm@ ID=-5.1A VGS=-4.5V SMD SOT-23 (TO-236)
Si3420DVN-Channel 200-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=3.7Ohm@ ID=0.5A, VGS=10VSMD TSOP-6
Si3442BDVN-Channel 2.5-V (G-S) MOSFETRDSon=57mOhm@ ID=4.2A, VGS=4.5VSMD TSOP-6
Si3458DVN-Channel 60-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=100mOhm@ ID=3.2A, VGS=10VSMD TSOP-6
Si3585DVN-Channel 60-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=100mOhm@ ID=3.2A, VGS=10VSMD TSOP-6
Si3900DVDual N-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=125mOhm@ ID=2.4A; VGS=4.5VSMD TSOP-6
Si3948DVDual N-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=105mOhm@ ID=2.5A, VGS=10VSMD TSOP-6
Si4346DYN-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=23mOhm@ ID=8A, VGS=10VSMD SO-8
Si4401BDYP-Channel 40-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=14mOhm@ ID=-10.5A, VGS=-10VSMD SO-8
Si4410BDYN-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=13.5mOhm@ ID=10A, VGS=10VSMD SO-8
Si4412ADYN-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=24mOhm@ ID=8A, VGS=10VSMD SO-8
Si4420BDYN-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=8.5mOhm@ ID=13.5A, VGS=10VSMD SO-8
Si4435BDYP-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=20mOhm@ ID=-9.1A, VGS=-10VSMD SO-8
Si4463BDYP-Channel MOSFET, 2.5 V(G-S) , -20V(D-S)RDSon=11mOhm@ ID=-13.7A, VGS=-10VSMD SO-8
Si4470EYN-Channel 60-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=11mOhm@ ID=12.7A, VGS=10VSMD SO-8
Si4490DYN-Channel 200-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=80mOhm@ ID=4.0A, VGS=10VSMD SO-8
Si4500BDYComplementary MOSFET Half-Bridge (N- and P-Channel)Doual -N/P N-Channal, RDSon=20/60mOhmSMD SO-8
Si4562DYN- and P-Channel 2.5-V (G-S) MOSFETDoual -N/P N-Channal, RDSon=25/33mOhmSMD SO-8
Si4626DYN-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETRDSon=3.6mOhm@ ID=30A, VGS=10VSMD SO-8
Si4800BDYN-Channel Reduced Qg, Fast-Switching MOSFETRDSon=18.5mOhm@ ID=9A, VGS=10VSMD SO-8


Product NameStatusDescriptionFeaturesPackageQ-Level
1.5SMC62ATRANSZORB® Transient Voltage Suppressors SMDPppm=1500W, VBR=6.8-540VSMD DO-214AB (SMC)
P6KE82ATRANSZORB® Transient Voltage SuppressorsVBR=6,8-540V, PPPM=600WSMD DO-204AC
P6SMB68ATRANSZORB® Transient Voltage SuppressorsVBR=6,8-540V, PPPM=600WSMD DO-214AA
SMB10J5.0ATRANSZORB® Transient Voltage Suppressors SMD;VW=5-40V, PPPM=800-1000W, high power densitySMD DO-214AA (SMB)
SMBJ5.0CTRANSZORB® Transient Voltage Suppressors SMD;VW=5-188V, PPPM=600W, bi-directionalSMD DO-214AA (SMB J-Bend)
SMBJ64CATRANSZORB® Transient Voltage Suppressors SMD;VW=5-188V, PPPM=600W, bi-directionalSMD DO-214AA (SMB J-Bend)


Product NameStatusDescriptionFeaturesPackageQ-Level
ES2DUltrafast Plastic Rectifier; SMDIF=2A, VR=50-200V, VF=0,9V, trr=20nsSMD DO-214AA (SMB)
MB2SSurface-Mount Bridge Rectifier;IF=0,5A, VR=200-600V, VF=1,0VSMD TO-269AA (MBS)
RS1GSurface-Mount Fast-Switching RectifierIF=1A, VR=50-800V, VF=1,3V, trr=150-500nsSMD DO-214AC (SMA)
S1DSMD Glass-Passivated RectifierIF=1A, VR=50-1000V, VF=1,1VSMD DO-214AC (SMA)

Schottky Rectifier

Product NameStatusDescriptionFeaturesPackageQ-Level
10BQ040Schottky RectifierVR=40V, If=1ASMD DO-214AA (SMB)
B340AHigh-Current-Density Schottky Rectifier SMDIF= 3A, VR= 30-40VSMD DO-214AC (SMA)
SL42SMD Schottky Barrier RectifierIF=4A, VR=20-40V, VF=0,31-0,35VSMD DO-214AB (SMC)
SS10P4High-Current-Density; Schottky Barrier Rectifiers; SMD;IF=10A, VR=30-40V, VF=0,41VSMD TO-277A (SMPC)
SS1H10High-Voltage SMD Schottky RectifierIF=1A, VR=90-100V, VF=0,62VSMD DO-214AC (SMA)
SS22Surface-Mount Schottky Barrier RectifierIF=2A, VR=20-60V, VF=0,6-0,7VSMD DO-214AA (SMB)
SS2H10High-Voltage SMD Schottky RectifierIF=2A, VR=90-100V, VF=0,65VSMD DO-214AA (SMB)
SS33Surface-Mount Schottky Barrier RectifierIF=3A, VR=20-60V, VF=0,5-0,75VSMD DO-214AB (SMC)
SS36Surface-Mount Schottky Barrier RectifierIF=3A, VR=60V, VF=-0,75VSMD DO-214AB (SMC)

Temp. Sense

Product NameStatusDescriptionFeaturesPackageQ-Level
NTHS0805NTC Thermistors, Surface-Mount ChipR=1-220kOhm, 1-10%SMD 0805

Zener Diode

Product NameStatusDescriptionFeaturesPackageQ-Level
1N5232BSmall-Signal Zener DiodesP=500mW, VZ=2,4V - 60VDO35
BZX84-VSMD Small-Signal Zener DiodesP=300mW, VZ=2,4-75VSMD SOT23
DZ23C13-VSMD Small-Signal Zener Diodes, DualVZ=2,7-51V, Ptot=300mW, common cathodeSMD SOT23
MMBZ5257-VSMD Small-Signal Zener DiodesP=300mW, VZ=3,0-75VSMD SOT23
MMSZ5229-VSMD Small-Signal Zener DiodesP=500mW, VZ=3,0-75VSMD SOD123