Lifetime Calculator for Aluminum Capacitors

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infoSeries name as listed on the datasheet. Not all series are supported
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infoUse value from datasheet
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  • This tool calculates the useful life according to the method provided in the aluminum electrolytic capacitor datasheets of the series supported by this tool, see also "Introduction document" link
  • The calculator tool assists in the process of selecting the correct aluminum electrolytic capacitor for the application
  • The useful life is calculated using models based on the extensive test and field experience of Vishay
  • If the useful life calculation is critical for the application, the calculation can be submitted for review by Vishay aluminum capacitor experts

The calculation results obtained using this tool are typical values and are intended for guidance purposes only. Nothing above mentioned, including the content of the "Introduction" document, and no results of the calculator tool shall be construed as a guarantee of quality or durability.

To get further information according to your particular application, please contact your local Vishay representative.