Vishay has developed a number of software support tools to assist design engineers. These include SPICE models, custom calculators, and thermal simulation tools and are listed by product category. Click on the appropriate link, and check back regularly to find new releases or additional design tools.

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Design Tool TypeDescription▲▼Product Category▲▼Share
3D Model660C, 660R (*.zip)High Voltageshare
3D Model715C..DK... (*.zip)Ceramicshare
3D ModelWYO (*.zip)Ceramicshare
3D ModelVKO (*.zip)Ceramicshare
3D ModelVKP (*.zip)Ceramicshare
3D ModelWKO (*.zip)Ceramicshare
3D Model615 Series (*.zip)Ceramicshare
3D Model440L (*.zip)Ceramicshare
3D ModelMKP1848 (*.zip)Filmshare
3D ModelMKP1848C (*.zip)Filmshare
3D ModelMKP1848S (*.zip)Filmshare
3D ModelMKP1847H (*.zip)Filmshare
3D ModelEDLC - ENYCAP (*.zip)Energy Storageshare
3D ModelVY2series (*.zip)Ceramicshare
3D ModelVY1 Compact series (*.zip)Ceramicshare
3D ModelVY1 Series (*.zip)Ceramicshare
3D ModelACAS 0612 (*.zip)Networks and Arraysshare
3D ModelACAS 0606 (*.zip)Networks and Arraysshare
3D ModelMCW 0406 (*.zip)Thin Filmshare
3D ModelMCS 0402, MCT 0603, MCU 0805, MCA 1206 (*.zip)Thin Filmshare
3D ModelMMU 0102, MMA 0204, MMB 0207 (*.zip)Thin Filmshare
3D ModelSMM0102, SMM0204, SMM0207 (*.zip)Thin Filmshare
3D ModelMCW 0406, MCW 0612 (*.zip)Thin Filmshare
3D ModelMMA 0204 (*.zip)Thin Filmshare
3D ModelAC..CS (*.zip)Wirewoundshare