MELF Selector Tool

Square Wave Pulse

Note: The pulse power, pulse duration and resistance value are mandatory.
-If the pulse power is unknown, input two out of the three values:
Resistance, Voltage and Current.
-If the resistance is unknown, input two out of the three values:
Pulse Power, Voltage and Current.
-If the inputted data are sufficient to compute Pulse Power and Resistance, the other inputs will be disabled.


Number of Pieces Required

ModelSingle Pulse ApplicationContinuous Pulse Application
Connection in SeriesConnection in ParallelConnection in SeriesConnection in Parallel
MMU 0102
SMM 0204
MMA 0204
SMM 0207
MMB 0207
CMA 0204
CMB 0207

Please make note of the following:

  • Non E-series R-values may be available upon request.
  • Please be aware of the lowest / highest available R-value of the respective series. See corresponding datasheet to clarify or feel free to contact
  • Be aware that series or parallel connection of resistors may increase / decrease the reachable R-values beyond the limits of the respective series.
  • Combining resistors may change the pulse load capability of each component. Not the whole series follows a single pulse diagram, compare datasheet, due to technology boarders.
  • Be aware that for continuous pulse load the average power must not exceed P70.
  • Be aware, number of components might also increase due to high input voltage.