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Petach Tikva

Following the spin-off of Vishay Precision Group, Vishay Israel moved its headquarters from Holon to Petach Tikva in 2010.

Migdal Ha'Emek

The Migdal Ha'Emek plant, opened in 1996, occupies approximately 292,000 square feet. It manufactures multilayer ceramic chip (MLCC) capacitors.

Be'er Sheva

The Be'er Sheva plant, built as an extension of the Dimona plant, opened in 1996. The Be'er Sheva plant manufactures metal film, thick film, and thin film resistors; resistor networks; and inductors. The plant is approximately 278,000 square feet in size.


The Dimona plant opened in 1986. It manufactures tantalum capacitors, including molded, conformal-coated, wet, and multi-array package types. Dimona quality certifications include AEC-Q200, CECC, MIL-PRF-39003, MIL-PRF-39006, MIL-PRF-49137, and MIL-PRF-55365. The plant is approximately 409,000 square feet in size.