NTC RT Calculation Tool

R at 25 °C = B(25/85)[K]:
Steinhart&Hart coeff. Steinhart&Hart Extended coeff.
T [°C] R nom [Ω] R min [Ω] R max [Ω] Δ R/R [±%] Δ T [±°C] α [%/K]

1. Functionality

The tool shows the relationship between temperature and resistance values for any validated Vishay SAP part or ordering code. The data shown in table format is based on a program that calculates the Resistance versus Temperature characteristics, the Resistance tolerances, the Temperature tolerances or accuracy and temperature coefficients or alfa values for Vishay’s NTC thermistors. The data can also be exported (csv file) or printed (pdf file). The database behind the calculated data is maintained and updated regularly following the available and validated Vishay NTC Thermistor part numbers or ordering codes.

2. How to use the tool

Enter or select an available Vishay part number or ordering code. Non-validated Vishay ordering codes cannot be selected or entered.

For the specific ordering code selected, the basic data of operating temperature range (Min and Max), resistance tolerance, B-values and tolerance, ABCD coefficients and tolerance will be shown on the screen. Standard 1°C temperature step will be pre-selected.

Following parameters can be altered for the selected thermistor:

Lower temperature limit of the R/T table

Upper temperature limit of the R/T table

Temperature step can be selected as 0.1°C, 0.5°C, 1.0 °C, 2.0°C, 5.0°C, 10.0°C

For any information missing at time of calculation, an alert box will pop-up and show what is missing or should be corrected. Data that is input outside the operating limits of the selected NTC thermistor are automatically adapted within the specified limits.

Following click buttons are available on the screen:

HELP : This help file will be shown

CALCULATE : Starts calculation with the selected and pre-defined parameters. When you click on calculate, the tool will populate the table with data as calculated following predefined parameters from the database. Specific data can be filtered by using the “filter by value” cell and be validated for selectable columns. When smaller temperature steps have been selected (e.g. 0.1°C) there could be a small delay before the table data is shown.

PRINT : Will generate a pdf file with all relevant data as shown on the screen which can be downloaded or printed. Pdf file will also contain a link to the Vishay disclaimer http://www.vishay.com/doc?91000.

EXPORT : Creates csv file with all relevant data, including formulas and coefficients to make calculations separately.

Special note + disclaimer (as from https://www.vishay.com/thermistors/ntc-curve-list/)

The NTC R/T Calculator tool may be used to determine certain capabilities of Vishay NTC thermistors. Utilizing data provided by the user, the tool can generate standard R/T tables for such thermistors. The NTC R/T Calculator tool is provided solely on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis for the convenience of Vishay customers, and without any warranties or representations of any kind, express or implied, all of which are hereby expressly disclaimed. Any information, computations, or results generated by the tool, or otherwise available from or through the csv or pdf files, is provided and utilized at your own discretion and risk. Vishay does not assume any responsibility or liability resulting from your use of the tool or any such information, computations, or results, and shall have none.

The foregoing is in addition to, and not in limitations of, the disclaimer below.

Vishay disclaimer http://www.vishay.com/doc?91000