Die & Wafer - Die & Wafer - High Voltage Diode

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Part Number
I F (AV)
V F Max. @ 25 °C
Die Size
Front Side Metal
Back Side Metal
Die Thickness
Wafer Diameter
VS-VS080DM12CxMOAT Standard412001.180 x 80BondableSolderable11.64
VS-VS135DM08CxMOAT Standard108001.1100 x 135BondableSolderable11.64
VS-VS135DM10CxMOAT Standard1010001.1100 x 135BondableSolderable11.64
VS-VS135DM12CxMOAT Standard1012001.1100 x 135BondableSolderable11.64
VS-VS135DM16CxMOAT Standard816001.1100 x 135BondableSolderable13.44
VS-VS155DM16CxMOAT Standard1516001.1155 x 155BondableSolderable13.45
VS-VS180DM12CxMOAT Standard2012001.1180 x 180BondableSolderable125
VS-VS180DM16CxMOAT Standard2016001.1180 x 180BondableSolderable13.45
VS-VS207DM12CxMOAT Standard2012001.1157 x 207BondableSolderable125
VS-VS210DM12CxMOAT Standard2012001.15210 x 210BondableSolderable13.45
VS-VS210DM16CxMOAT Standard2016001.15210 x 210BondableSolderable13.45
VS-VS230DM12CxMOAT Standard4012001.1230 x 230BondableSolderable125
VS-VS230DM16CxMOAT Standard4016001.14230 x 230BondableSolderable13.45
VS-VS340DM12CxMOAT Standard6012001.09350 x 230BondableSolderable125
VS-VS340DM16CxMOAT Standard6016001.09230 x 350BondableSolderable13.45
VS-VS350DM16CxMOAT Standard6016001.07 @ 60 A356 x 356BondableSolderable13.45
VS-VS390DM12CxMOAT Standard8012001.17270 x 390BondableSolderable13.45
VS-VS480DM16CxMOAT Standard10016001.06 @ 60 A480 x 480BondableSolderable13.45
VS-VS590DM12CxMOAT Standard16512001.43590 x 590BondableSolderable13.45