With through hole, SMD, and custom products available, Vishay offers the widest range of inductors in the industry. This product family includes the low-profile IHLP® power inductor family, ideal for compact, space-sensitive applications.

Small Advertile
Small Advertile
Small Advertile
  • Automotive Grade Power Inductors
    Robust, high-current, SMD power inductors that are AEC-Q200 qualified. Operating temperature ranges available for 125 °C, 155 °C, and 180 °C
  • Specialty Composite Inductors
    Wide range of innovative molded inductors built on the IHLP technology. Coupled, dual, low EMI shielded inductors, ultra low DCR, and extra-large size inductors.
  • IHTH – Power Inductors
    Commercial/Industrial/Automotive - Robust, high-current, through-hole power inductors that are AEC-Q200 qualified. Operating temperature range up to 155 °C
  • SMD Multilayer Ferrite Inductors and Beads
    Wide selection of SMD impedance beads for noise suppresion and SMD ferrite inductors for low power applications.
  • Transformers
    Wide range of SMD and through-hole inductors and transformers with some models easily customizable to customer requirements
  • RF Inductors - Surface Mount
    Excellent selection of small and medium signal SMD inductor inductors for a variety of filter and impedance matching applications
  • Wireless Charging Coils
    Standard Rx and Tx coils for wireless charging applications. Custom coils available upon request
  • Axial/Radial RF and Power Inductors
    Established through-hole technology products for legacy and non-SMD applications.