Vishay provides the evaluation boards shown in the table below to help you choose the best microBUCK or microBRICK POL buck converter for your application. Evaluation boards are available for purchase from Vishay's authorized distributors. To check evaluation board stock at a distributor in your region, click on the link in the last column.

An overview of the available evaluation boards and reference document downloads, including the Bill of Materials are provided via links below.

Part Number Evaluation
Board Manual
Description Evaluation Board Image

Reference Board, Gerber Design,
Schematic, and Bill of Materials (*.zip)

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SiC431 3 V to 24 V Input, 24 A microBUCK® SiC431 SiC431AEVB-A (Ultrasonic)
SiC431BEVB-A (Powersave)
SiC437, SiC438

High Voltage Synchronous Buck Regulators:

3 V to 24 V SiC437 (12 A), SiC438 (8 A)

SiC437 SiC438 SiC437AEVB-A (Ultrasonic)
SiC437BEVB-A (Powersave)
SiC438AEVB-A (Ultrasonic)
SiC4384BEVB-A (Powersave)
SiC461, SiC462

4.5 V to 60 V Input, 10 A (SiC461), 6 A (SiC462),

microBUCK® DC/DC Converter

SiC461, SiC462 SiC461EVB-A
SiC463, SiC464

4.5 V to 60 V Input, 4 A (SiC463), 2 A (SiC464),

microBUCK® DC/DC Converter

SiC463, SiC464 SiC463EVB-B
SiC471, SiC472

4.5 V to 55 V Input, 12 A (SiC471), 8 A (SiC472),

microBUCK® DC/DC Converter

SiC471, SiC472 SiC471EVB-A
SiC473, SiC474

4.5 V to 55 V Input, 5 A (SiC473), 3 A (SiC474),

microBUCK® DC/DC Converter

SiC473, SiC474 SiC473EVB-B

4.5 V to 18 V Input, 20 A,

microBUCK® DC/DC Regulator Module

SiC931 SiC931EVB-A