Power ICs - microBUCK® - Voltage Regulator

microBUCK: Scalability + Ease of Use + High Efficiency

  • Highly integrated microBUCK POL solutions deliver high efficiency while reducing costs
  • Each family offers a large portfolio of high density parts with common pinouts, allowing designers to scale for the best combination of cost and performance
  • Our PowerCAD simulation tool allows users to select the appropriate microBUCK regulator and generate a full circuit schematic
    • For performance optimization and comparison purposes, the schematic can then be edited as required.
    • Once the basic circuit is created, the user can perform DC, transient, and start-up simulations with visibility of all the circuit node waveforms.
    • Following these steps, the PowerCAD 2.0 simulation tool generates a bill of materials (BOM) available for online ordering.