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Nov 29, 2023Save Energy, Enable Use With Low Voltage Microcontrollers and I2C and SPI Bus SystemsOptocouplers/Isolatorsshare
Oct 20, 2023Military H-Level Shock and Vibration Capabilities for High Reliability at a Low CostTantalum, Wetshare
Sep 8, 2023Increased Power Density With the Smallest 6 A, 20 A, and 25 A Buck RegulatorsICs - Power and Linearshare
Aug 23, 2023Pin to Pin Compatible, Higher Performing Replacements for Previous-Generation DevicesSemiconductorsshare
Aug 16, 2023Enables High Power Ratings and Density, While Lowering Losses to Increase EfficiencyMOSFETsshare
Aug 8, 2023Industry-First Rectifier and TVS Two-in-One Solution in FlatPAK 5 x 6 Package Semiconductorsshare
Aug 3, 2023VCNT2030 Sensor Saves Space, Delivers Improved PerformanceOptical Sensorsshare
Jun 30, 2023Higher Current Ratings and Superior Thermal Performance in Compact DFN3820A PackageSemiconductors, Power Rectifiersshare
Jun 23, 2023Lower System Costs and Increase Stability for Outdoor Sensor ApplicationsOptoelectronicsshare
Jun 16, 2023Higher Current Ratings in Compact DFN3820A PackageSemiconductors, Power Rectifiersshare
May 30, 2023Delivers High Performance, While Increasing Design Flexibility and Lowering CostsOptocouplers/Isolatorsshare
May 19, 2023Optional NTC Thermistor and PC-TIM Simplify Designs, Save Space, and Lower CostsResistorsshare
May 8, 2023Increase Efficiency and Reliability in Switching Power DesignsDiodes and Rectifiersshare
Mar 21, 2023Save Board Space While Lowering Component Counts and Placement CostsThick filmshare
Feb 28, 2023Lower Component Counts and Placement Costs, While Increasing Accuracy and StabilityThick filmshare
Feb 23, 2023Reduced Current Consumption With Improved Robustness Against ESD and Direct SunlightIR Receivers for Remote Controlshare
Feb 16, 2023Industry’s first Power DFN Providing Superior Thermal Performance and Higher Current RatingsStandard and Fast Recoveryshare
Feb 10, 202354 % Higher Ripple Current Than Previous-Generation Solutions in Smaller Case SizesAluminum Electrolyticshare
Jan 26, 2023Low ESR, High Volumetric Efficiency, and a Robust Design for Harsh EnvironmentsTantalumshare
Jan 16, 2023Achieve 98 % Efficiency While Reducing Component Counts and Simplifying DesignsMOSFETsshare
Jan 16, 2023Increase Efficiency, While Reducing Parasitic Capacitance and Improving ErecUltrafast Recoveryshare
Jan 9, 2023Swift, Precise Fault Response and a Broad Voltage Range, While Simplifying DesignsPower ICsshare
Dec 2, 2022Three Phase Bridge Power Modules in the Compact MTC Package Power Modulesshare
Nov 25, 2022Pack More Energy Storage Into Less Space for Pulsed Power ApplicationsAluminum Electrolyticshare
Nov 18, 2022Automotive Fast Response Linear Optocoupler for Voltage and Current SensingOptocouplers/Isolatorsshare
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