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Nov 25, 2022Pack More Energy Storage Into Less Space for Pulsed Power ApplicationsAluminum Electrolyticshare
Nov 18, 2022Automotive Fast Response Linear Optocoupler for Voltage and Current SensingOptocouplers/Isolatorsshare
Nov 14, 2022A Complete Solution in EMIPAK 1B Package for On-Board Charging ApplicationsPower Modulesshare
Oct 28, 2022Block DC Voltages and Efficiently Transmit AC Signals With < 0.5 dB Insertion LossMultilayer SMDshare
Sep 28, 2022Use the Axial-Leaded Resistors as Surface-Mount Components to Reduce Assembly CostsWirewoundshare
Sep 22, 2022Higher Power Ratings and Density, Increases Efficiency and Saves EnergyMOSFETsshare
Sep 22, 2022FRED Pt® Gen 5 600 V Hyperfast rectifiers in a fully isolated TO-220 FullPAK 2L packageUltrafast Recoveryshare
Sep 16, 2022Save Space and Simplify PCB Layouts in LLC ApplicationsTransformersshare
Sep 9, 2022Save Space and Increase Efficiency in IoT Devices and Portable ElectronicsInductorsshare
Sep 9, 2022Higher Radiant Power at a Lower Cost Than Previous-Generation SolutionsLEDsshare
Aug 31, 2022600 V and 1200 V FRED Pt® Gen 5 Hyperfast and Ultrafast Rectifiers in SOT-227 PackagePower Modulesshare
Aug 22, 2022High Current Ratings Up to 155 A in the 19.0 mm by 17.1 mm by 7.0 mm 6767 Case SizeInductorsshare
Aug 11, 2022New FRED Pt® Gen 5 600 V Ultrafast Rectifiers in the TO-244 PackagePower Modulesshare
Aug 4, 2022Lower the Cost of Solar PV Inverters by Reducing the Electrolytic Capacitors RequiredAluminum Electrolyticshare
Jul 14, 2022Stable Inductance and Saturation at Temps to +180 °C for Applications Up to 128 A DCInductorsshare
Jul 3, 2022VCNT2025X01 Saves Space, While Offering Improved Performance and RobustnessOptical Sensorsshare
Jun 22, 2022High Resistance to Leaching, Formic Acid Etching, and Forming GassesNTC Thermistorsshare
Jun 10, 2022High Power Dissipation and Pulse Current for High Reliability ApplicationsXClampR TMshare
May 27, 2022Low Profile, High Humidity Resistance for Space-Constrained Automotive ApplicationsFilmshare
May 23, 2022Extremely Stable Breakdown Voltage From 11.1 V to 133 V TransZorb®TVSshare
May 16, 2022Offers an Exact Replacement for Competing Parts or a Higher Capacitance AlternativeTantalumshare
May 9, 2022Enables Miniaturization and Increases Reliability by Reducing Stress on Solder JointsFixedshare
Apr 28, 2022High Reliability, Accuracy, and Stability for EVsFixedshare
Apr 18, 2022High Accuracy and Resolution in a Small Size for Military and Industrial ApplicationsPosition: Non-Contacting, Sensorsshare
Apr 4, 2022Lower R25 Values of 1 kΩ and 1.5 kΩ, and a 5 kΩ Value for IGBT and MOSFET ModulesThermistorsshare
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