E/H (Military M/D55342) product information

QPL MIL-PRF-55342 Qualified Thin Film Resistor, Surface Mount Chip

 E/H (Military M/D55342) Datasheet


  • Established reliability, “S” and “V” failure rate level (10 ppm), C = 2
  • High purity alumina substrate
  • Wraparound termination featuring a tenacious adhesion layer covered with an electroplated nickel barrier layer for  +150 C operating conditions

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General Information
General Information - 2009 Review of Thin Film North America Products (Vishay Thin Film, Vishay Electro-Films)
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Packaging Information
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Product Literature
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Instructional Guide - Resistors 101 - Instructional Guide
Product Sheet - E/H - QPL Established Reliability Mil-PRF-55342 Thin Film Chip Resistor
Selector Guide - Military and Aerospace Applications
Selector Guide - Military Film SMD Resistors
Selector Guide - Vishay Dale Thin Film Chip Overview: Resistive Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries
Tape and Reel Info
Tape and Reel Specifications - 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, and 24 mm Embossed Conductive Tape Conforming to EIA-481
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