Welcome to the NTC Thermistor Curve Computation Programs of Vishay

If you want to compute a resistance temperature curve for a well defined Vishay NTC thermistor part number, you can use our online NTC RT Calculation Tool with options to have a pdf print-out or a csv export file of the selected part number.

You can also download our Excel® VBA program from the MY VISHAY NTC CURVE page. For most of the Vishay NTC thermistor part numbers, the "My Vishay NTC Curve" program will provide you with an Excel® spreadsheet of the resistance value vs. Temperature, with flexible temperature steps, limits and units. If you prefer to explore the electrical capability of VISHAY NTC thermistors based on the different mechanical executions, you can download one or several programs hereunder.

The principles of these programs are the following:
1) First, select a component type:
- Epoxy-coated leaded
- Surface-mount (SMD) and then case size (0402, 0603, 0805: the curves are different)
- Glass-encapsulated housing (leaded diode package and SMD MELF type have identical curves)
- NTC ceramic chips, NTC assemblies, NTC leaded with B3984 K low tolerance
2) Choose either the degree Fahrenheit (°F) or degree Celsius (°C) temperature scale.
3) Click on the desired links below.

4) Once you are in a particular program, follow the user mode detailed in the first sheet: "user mode".
Each Excel® file has 2 sheets: a "user mode" and an "RTCOEF" sheet with the computed table.
You will need to input the reference resistance value and tolerance for a given reference temperature:
The standard values and the ranges to choose from are shown in table 1 in the sheet "user mode".
You will also need to input a B25/85 value, which must be chosen from table 1.

For epoxy leaded types, the Ref. Temp. can be selected between -55 °C and 150 °C (-67 °F to 302 °F).
If you need the standard R(T) curve, just type 25 °C (77 °F) as the reference temperature.
For epoxy types, the Ref. resistance value can be selected depending on the chosen B25/85 value.
If standard curves are needed, you must choose one of the R @ 25 °C (77 °F) existing values in table 1.

For SMD and glass-encapsulated types, the reference temperature is fixed at 25 °C (77 °F) and the reference resistance values are fixed depending on the chosen B25/85 value.
It is not possible to type values not shown in table 1.
For SMD and glass-encapsulated types, the standard P/N and 12NC will also be indicated.

The links below will direct you to the right calculation file, corresponding to the component of your choice:

If you prefer not to run our Excel file on your computer, you may request information by E-mail. Please send part number with minimum and maximum temperatures, temperature step, temperature unit (default are minimum, maximum of temperature range and 5 °C) to thermistor1@vishay.com. Please specify whether you would like the data to be supplied in a file with .csv, .pdf or .txt extension. Vishay's engineers will come back to you as soon as possible with the requested files.


Tables in degrees Celsius (°C)

Tables in degrees Fahrenheit (°F)

NTC ceramic chips, leaded and coated
NTC assemblies

RT chip-leaded & assemblies in °C

RT chip-leaded & assemblies in °F

SMD types


RT SMD0402 615 4 in °C

RT SMD0402 615 4 series in °F


RT SMD0603 615 3 in °C

RT SMD0603 615 3 series in °F


RT SMD0805 615 5 in °C

RT SMD0805 615 5 series in °F


RT Glass 633 in °C

RT Glass 633 in °F

NTC leaded and assemblies
other curves

RT leaded & assemblies -
other B-values in °C



For the complete datasheets please visit: http://www.vishay.com/thermistors/ntc/

The NTC Thermistor Curve Computation programs may be used to determine certain capabilities of Vishay NTC thermistors. Utilizing data provided by the user, the programs can generate non-standard R/T tables for such thermistors. Please consult your local Vishay representative with any questions.
The NTC Thermistor Curve Computation programs are provided solely on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis for the convenience of Vishay.s customers, and without any warranties or representations of any kind, express or implied, all of which are hereby expressly disclaimed.

Any information, computations, or results generated by the programs, or otherwise available from or through the programs, is provided and utilized at your own discretion and risk. Vishay does not assume any responsibility or liability resulting from your use of the programs or any such information, computations, or results, and shall have none. The foregoing is in addition to, and not in limitations of, the exclusions and limitations of liability, and notices and disclaimers, set forth at Vishay Privacy & Legal.