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Hands on Electronic Simulation of an Optimized Linear Output Temperature Sensing Circuit

Based on an LTC2063 from Analog Devices and a PTS Vishay Platinum sensor RTD SMD, this video simulates how the LTspice XVII software helps with nominalizing and calibrating the linear output of a temperature measuring circuit.


Thermistors / RTDs for e-Mobility
Josh Pollema, Product Marketing Manager - Non-Linear Resistors, discusses how our AEC-Q200 thyristors have temperature compensation, temperature sensing and control, and over-temperature protection in battery management and on-board charger functionality
Electronic Simulation PTCEL67
This video explains the advantages of the high energy current limiting PTCEL67 range in battery pre-charge circuit. By use of an LTspice electronic simulation, it is shown how to build an optimal network of parallel and series of these PTCEL67 elements in order to limit the surge current while keeping the shortest charging time of the DC link capacitor.
Product Presentation: Vishay NTCLE350 Series Thermistors
This video explains the electrical / mechanical characteristics and product advantages of Vishay’s extended temperature NTCLE350 thermistor series, together with a demonstration of design resources including the product’s SPICE model and benchmark data.
Vishay Enhanced Wire Bondable die NTCC201 Thermistors
This video shows the quintessence of the electrical / mechanical characteristics of Vishay’s enhanced wire bondable and sinterable NTCC201 die thermistors. This product series is commonly integrated in IGBT/Power MOSFET modules for protection in temperature.
Product Training: Vishay NTCLE317 Thermistor Model
This video explains the electrical and mechanical characteristics advantages of Vishay’s NTCLE317 product model, together with a demonstration of its spice electronic model.