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What is Vishay Automotive Grade?

Vishay Automotive Grade is more than a standard, more than a process. It's our culture and how we partner with customers to ensure we're meeting their needs, with zero defects, zero incidents, and zero failures.


Passives Solution: On-Board Charger
OBCs are critical components in ensuring the performance of new energy vehicles. The video introduces our passive component solutions and how they enable higher power, higher charging efficiency, and increased stability and reliability for OBC designs.
Automotive Qualified Polymer Capacitors Provide Stability and Efficiency Over a Long Useful Life
With high C/V density, improved voltage derating, low ESR, long life and a safer failure mode the T51 series provides designers with an improved capacitor solution for filtering and bulk capacitance applications in automotive and other applications.
Passives Solution: Motor Drive
With the advanced technology of new electric vehicles and the substantial improvement of key technologies, electric drive systems are one of their core components. The video introduces our passive component solutions and how they enable higher integration and higher efficiency for motor drive designs.
Vishay Reference Designs - System Solutions for Key Automotive Applications
Scott Blackburn, Director Business Development Automotive, introduces reference designs - system solutions for automotive applications to jump start your design. The catalog of designs includes a 48 V eFuse, 3 kW DC/DC converter, and an intelligent battery shunt.
Safely Connect with Vishay's 48 V Resettable eFuse
With the arrival of 48 V systems, a new method of safely connecting and disconnecting high current loads to the battery is required. This results in problems associated with arcing, which occurs when using mechanical relays. Therefore, an electronic fuse (eFuse) has been designed to switch loads up to 200 A at 48 V on a compact double-sided FR4 printed circuit board with passive cooling.