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IHLP® Power Inductor Saturation Current Performance Test (Product Demo)

Saturation current demonstration for IHLP® power inductors.


Vishay Haptic Actuator Demo - IHPT
Learn about the design and construction of Vishay’s Haptic Actuator and demo unit which generates simple feedback patterns to show the device’s capabilities. Our standard IHPTs can be customized to meet a wide variety of haptic feedback requirements.
IHLP Packages - Magnetics
This animation provides a detailed overview of the packages across the whole IHLP family from the smallest -1212 to the largest -8787 size, it shows the case dimensions and the different heights which are available within the product portfolio.
MTPL Hybrid Planar Transformers for Switch Mode Power Supply Applications
We take a look at the electrical and mechanical specifications of the product series which covers a range of output voltages from 12 V to 24 V. You can also see the results of a circuit level comparison of the two designs.
Time to ditch the Faraday Cages in your design
Widely used for energy storage and high current noise filtering, our power inductors handle high transient current spikes without saturation. The new IHLE series offers superior EMI performance with its integrated E-Field shield.
IHLD Inductors for Class D Audio Amplifier Applications
IHLD, Low Profile, High-Current Dual Inductors, Save Space and Provide Better Performance