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SensorXplorer™ is an easy to use software program to quickly and easily assist you with evaluating Vishay’s light-to-digital optical sensors. Learn more by watching this informative highlight video.


Introducing Vishay's first Automotive Grade Solid-State Relay VORA1010M4
VORA1010M4, is the industry's first 1 Form A solid-state relay to offer AEC-Q102 qualification and a 100 V load voltage. Offered in the low profile SOP-4 package, the Vishay Intertechnology's VORA1010M4 delivers the industry's fastest turn-on and turn-off times of 0.1 ms typical, in addition to the highest operating temperature to +125 °C. This part is suitable for fast switching applications in lighting control, inverters, motor controls, and battery management systems.
Optocoupler Overview for Battery Management
Jim Toal, Director of Regional Marketing Optoelectronics, discusses our VOMDA1271T Automotive-Qualified MOSFET driver, our very high isolation voltage CNY66 product, and the low creepage LSOP VOLA617A package all play a role in battery management system functionality
Vishay Opto: VCSEL Based Proximity Sensor for Battery Powered Consumer Applications
The VCNL36828P is a digital output proximity sensor with a Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) as the emitter source. The smart dual slave addressing and sunlight cancellation of up to 140 klux, sets this sensor apart from its predecessors (VCNL36825T, VCNL36826S, and VCNL36687S). The VCNL36828P is particularly well-suited for battery operated devices.
Introducing the VOMDA1271T: AEC-Q102 Qualified Photovoltaic MOSFET Driver for Automotive Applications
Discover the VOMDA1271T, an optically isolated MOSFET driver designed to simplify EV's electric systems. With AEC-Q102 qualification, this driver ensures top-notch performance and reliability, meeting the rigorous standards of the automotive industry.
Vishay Opto: VCNT2030 Analog Output Reflective Sensor with VCSEL Emitter
The VCNT2030 is an analog output (mA) reflective sensor with a Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) as the emitter source. Longer range sensing at lower forward currents sets this sensor apart from its predecessors, the VCNT2020 and VCNT2025X01.