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New Technology for Current Sense, Power Metal Plate™ series

In this video we take a look at this new technology for high power Current Sense resistors and how the construction creates stand-out performance and discuss which applications these products are well suited.


Focused Products - Resistors
Breno Albuquerque, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Vishay Resistors, walks us through a catalog of resistor designs which showcases applications such as on-board charging, battery management and power inverters.
High-Voltage EV Batteries
Our CDMM resistor is a high voltage molded chip divider specifically designed for EV and HV automotive applications with good TCR tracking and ratio tolerances vs. individual components
Meeting your exact requirements with P16 Compact Panel Potentiometers
P16 Compact Panel Potentiometers feature a unique integrated design incorporating the potentiometer and knob in one assembly. No knob control to buy and assemble. P16 Panel Potentiometers is fully sealed (IP67), can support 1 W power rated with a high dielectric strength 2500 VRMS. The control knob and his marking can be configurable: material or metallic / Blue, white, yellow, red, and black knob/dot, line, gradient, 5 graduations, 10 graduations, fan, light, volume, temperature.
JouleWizard – Waveform Pulse Energy Calculator
The first video in the series detailed the JouleWizard Pulse Tools. The Pulse Energy Calculator helps determine the energy content of a waveform.
Custom Thin Film Substrate Build Process
Learn more about our custom thin film technology with this step-by-step guide to our build process. We also look at some of the special features and applications related to this technology.