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Optocoupler Overview for Battery Management

Jim Toal, Director of Regional Marketing Optoelectronics, discusses our VOMDA1271T Automotive-Qualified MOSFET driver, our very high isolation voltage CNY66 product, and the low creepage LSOP VOLA617A package all play a role in battery management system functionality.

The Battery Show 2023

Package Trends
Brian Zachrel, Business Marketing Manager MOSFETs and Diodes, discusses the importance of package demand and lifestyle of our MOSFET and Diode products
High-Voltage EV Batteries
Our CDMM resistor is a high voltage molded chip divider specifically designed for EV and HV automotive applications with good TCR tracking and ratio tolerances vs. individual components
Vishay Safety Capacitors
Mark Walsh, Manager / Product Marketing Safety Capacitors, discusses our leaded and surface mount safety capacitors that are best suited for on-board chargers, external charging stations, DC/DC converters and battery management applications.
Vishay Reference Designs - System Solutions for Key Automotive Applications
Scott Blackburn, Director Business Development Automotive, introduces reference designs now available on The catalog of designs includes a 48 V eFuse, 3 kW DC/DC converter, and an intelligent battery shunt - system solutions for automotive applications to jump start your design.
Thermistors / RTDs for e-Mobility
Josh Pollema, Product Marketing Manager - Non-Linear Resistors, discusses how our AEC-Q200 thyristors have temperature compensation, temperature sensing and control, and over-temperature protection in battery management and on-board charger functionality