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Diodes and Rectifiers VIDEOS

Advantages of SMPD (TO-263AC) Package

Reduce power losses and improve efficiency in automotive, commercial, and industrial applications with the SMPD package; low profile of 1.7 mm and footprint compatible with D2PAK (TO-263AB) package.

Diodes and Rectifiers

FRED Pt® Gen 4 – Ultrafast Soft Diode
FRED Pt® soft ultrafast diodes provide low-EMI performance in motor control applications without sacrificing efficiency.
SlimSMA (DO-221AC) Package
With a typical very low profile height, the SlimSMA (DO-221AC) package saves significant PCB space compared to standard SMA, SMB, and SMC packages.
SMPC (TO-277A) Package
Learn how the SMPC package increases power density with its compact footprint and low profile - saving significant PCB space and lowering overall costs.
Advantages of SlimSMAW (DO-221AD) Package
With a typical low profile height of 1.0 mm, the SlimSMAW (DO-221AD) package saves significant PCB space compared to standard SMB and SMC packages.
SlimDPAK (TO-252AE) Package
Reduce power loss, increase power density, and improve thermal performance with rectifiers in the low profile SlimDPAK package.