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This video highlights the efficiency of the MTPL transformer vs the traditional wirewound coil design.
This animation provides a detailed overview of the packages across the whole IHLP family from the smallest -1212 to the largest -8787 size, it shows the case dimensions and the different heights which are available within the product portfolio.
Widely used for energy storage and high current noise filtering, our power inductors handle high transient current spikes without saturation. The new IHLE series offers superior EMI performance with its integrated E-Field shield.
This demo compares the output noise of the IHLE (e-field shielded) inductor vs. a standard (unshielded) inductor and the IHLP(R) (b-shielded) inductor in your circuit
IHLD, Low Profile, High-Current Dual Inductors, Save Space and Provide Better Performance
A demonstration to show noise suppression capabilities of IHLP power inductors
Demonstrating the efficiency of the IWAS receiving coil for wireless charging from Vishay Dale Inductors
Saturation current demonstration for IHLP® power inductors.
This overview of the IHLP® Series presents capabilities, advantages and applications.
Vishay Electro-Films (Vishay EFI) offers a full range of wire bondable passive components.

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IHLP® Power Inductor Saturation Current Performance Test (Product Demo)

Saturation current demonstration for IHLP® power inductors.