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Vishay E Series MOSFET Product Demonstration

Demonstration on Vishay's E Series 600 V and 650 V High Voltage E Series MOSFETs against competing products


Build Smaller, More Efficient DC/DC Converters with our Gen 5 MOSFETs in PowerPAIR® 3 x 3FS Package
Learn about our first MOSFETs in the PowerPAIR® 3 x 3FS package: the 30 V dual SiZF5300DT and SiZF5302DT, built on Gen 5 technology. In this video we explore the advantages the devices provide in DC/DC converters — from high efficiency and power density to simplified PCB layouts and shortened switching loops — and highlight target applications, topologies, and end products.
Automotive Grade Dual Asymmetrical MOSFETs for Better Energy Efficiency, Power Density, and Reliability
Video presents a new type of an asymmetric Automotive Grade MOSFET that promotes better energy efficiency, power density, and reliability in ADAS, infotainment and exterior lighting applications. Narrator; Brian Terng, Vishay Automotive MOSFET group.
SiHH26N60E / E Series Power MOSFETs
E Series superjunction technology for hard-switched topologies
SUM / SUP 70040E 100 V N-Channel MOSFETs
Max RDS(on) of 4 mΩ Provides Higher Efficiency
Plug to Processor Power Conversion Demo
MOSFET technologies for power conversion