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After uncovering optoelectronic products at our front door and garage, we finally get in the house, go straight to the couch, lie down, and grab the remote. We uncover optoelectronic products in and around our TV.
After getting through the front door in Episode 1 of our Welcome Home Series, we head to the garage to uncover infrared emitters and IR receivers used to stop the garage door from closing if an object is in the path of the door.
Vishay’s first ambient light sensor qualified to AEC-Q100, the VEML6031X00 features 16-bit resolution, two preconfigured slave addresses, and separate channels for visible light and infrared light.
Vishay's Optoelectronic products found around the home with our first episode of our Welcome Home Series focused on the front door.
One of the unique features that makes Vishay's IR Receivers the best at filtering out optical noise is the AGC function. This video explains the feature, how to use the mapping tool on the Vishay website, and where in the datasheet AGC is shown.
Industry leading sensitivity at 0.4 mW/m2 | More precise triggering versus signal strength | Near constant detection threshold over temperature | Reduced disturbance from DC light sources | Better input to output pulse accuracy.
VEMD8081 PIN photodiode was developed with enhanced sensitivity for visible and infrared light. The unique rectangular shape of the detector provides an active area of 5.4 mm2 and was built primarily for the sports wearables and smart watch markets.
Qualified for automotive, the K857PE combines high photo sensitivity with low 0.1 % crosstalk and virtually no tolerance between its segments and enables a variety of sensor and control applications for automotive, consumer, and industrial markets.
The entire display is enabled with Force Sensing simply by using Vishay Opto’s high-resolution proximity sensor. It is a great alternative to capacitive touch or can work as a “home” or “awake” button for large capacitive displays.
VEMD4010X01 and VEMD4110X01: High-speed, AEC-Q101 PIN photodiodes in custom 0805 package blocking all stray light from the sides. Light only irradiates from top giving a higher signal to noise response. Evaluating samples is recommended.
The VOMA618A offers a low input current solution for high reliability automotive applications. This low current is ideal for high efficiency power management applications.
SensorXplorer™ is an easy to use software program to quickly and easily assist you with evaluating Vishay’s light-to-digital optical sensors. Learn more by watching this informative highlight video.
The VCNL4200 digital proximity sensor is used in Vishay Opto’s Whack-A-Mole for wake-up and hammer sensing.
Vishay’s IR Receiver product portfolio is large and can be confusing when trying to select the best receiver for your application. This video helps guide you through the decision process to easily identify the preferred through-hole receiver to use.
Learn how our new 800 V SOP-4 PhotoTRIACs offer economical and superior isolated AC power switching.
The VCNL36687S is a fully integrated proximity sensor with sensing presence or proximity of an object out to 8 inches while consuming only 10% of the current. The VCNL36687S is especially suited for battery operated devices.
VOMA617A, Automotive AEC-Q101 qualified phototransistor optocoupler in SOP-5 mini-flat package for 30 % PCB space savings over DIP-4 package.
Next-generation miniature IR Receivers provide improved sensitivity, noise suppression, and pulse-width accuracy for IR remote control in televisions, set-top boxes, audio and video systems, air conditioners, cameras, video games, and more.
See how TVCast can save space in consumer products
Introducing the VEMD8080, a high speed PIN photodiode with enhanced sensitivity for visible light and offered in a slim sensor package that is ideal for wearable applications.
3-Channel Slotted Interrupter for Turn and Push Applications (04:51)
Demonstration of the VCNL4020C Proximity Sensor Biosensor Capabilities
AEC-Q101 Qualified Gesture and Ambient Light Sensor
Demonstration of Emitters and IR Receivers in Bigbelly Trash Compactors
Learn how the new Minimold IR Receivers eliminate requirement for 2nd wave soldering
Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor Offers Long-Distance Proximity Detection to 1 Meter (02:00)
Switching test on VOW137 10 MBd high-speed optocoupler – run time 03:00
VO14642AABTR Solid State Relay – run time 05:03
Increased reliability of high linearity photodiodes versus standard photodiodes - run time 02:00
TCPT1600X01 and TCUT1600X01 Sensors for Automotive and Industrial Applications
Fully Integrated Ambient Light Sensor
New Hybrid VOR Solid-State Relays (SSR)
Explaining the simplicity of sensor demo kits - runtime 05:00
Watch how the VEML6040 RGBW can see your color! - runtime 02:00
Light-to-Digital sensor saves space and simplifies designs
Accelerate and simplify presence and proximity sensing designs
High-isolation and high-creepage at > 10 mm and 1414 V working voltage with 2.5 A peak output current
IR Receivers and Emitters in reflective applications
Short video showcasing the performance of VCNL4020X01
Learn about the importance of measuring UVA levels in a variety of applications - Run-time 04:32
Learn about the new 16-bit resolution RGBW Sensor - Run time 05:00
Learn how you can select one of four ambient light ranges with the new VCNL4040 - Run Time 03:00
The VOW Advantage ~ IGBT and High Speed Optocouplers in Widebody package - run time 05:40
Two new automotive-grade high-speed silicon PIN photodiodes the VEMD6010X01 and VEMD6110X01 - Run time 02:30
Integrated Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor
Demonstration of Infrared Emitters and Receivers in Light Barrier Systems ~ Run time 03:44
Vishay’s VCNL4020 Gesture system - Run Time 05:00
Demonstration on high power white LEDs and LED Modules in typical lighting applications
Watch this short video outlining the key features and applications for the VCNL3020 Proximity Sensor.
New side vew emitters and detector at 1 mm (run time 02:50)
Presentation describing the market and the performance of the VLMU3100 - run time 04:00
Fully integrated proximity and ambient light sensor in rectangle package. Run time 09:30
New series of remote control receivers, our smallest ever! Run time 03:30
New portfolio of remote control receivers - Run time 05:11
Introducing two new category IV high voltage optocouplers. Run Time 05:40
SurfLight emitters deliver intensity levels up to 5 times greater than those produced by standard technology. Run time 05:42
A complete portfolio of low input current, 4-pin optocouplers - run time 04:45
Devices featuring high current transfer ratios at low input currents - Run Timie 03:00
Optocouplers and Solid State Relays for Solar Power Applications - Run Time 04:45
IR Remote Control Receiver — Minimum operating voltage reduced to 2 V - Run Time: 03:06
Phototriacs – how they work and where to find them in your home - Run Time: 05:36
An overview of the Vishay 1MBd Analog Optocouplers - Run Time: 03:00
A four slide overview of the VBPW34 and VBP104 high-speed PIN photodiodes - Run Time: 03:40
An overview of the Vishay VO2223 and VO2223A Power Phototriacs - Run Time. 03:10
Ambient light sensor spectral sensitivity - Run time. 05:07
Single versus double diode measurement. Run time 07:15

Optoelectronics VIDEOS

AEC-Q101 Automotive Rated Optocoupler (VOMA617A)

VOMA617A, Automotive AEC-Q101 qualified phototransistor optocoupler in SOP-5 mini-flat package for 30 % PCB space savings over DIP-4 package.