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VCNL4035X01 Gesture Sensor

AEC-Q101 Qualified Gesture and Ambient Light Sensor


Vishay Opto: VCNT2030 Analog Output Reflective Sensor with VCSEL Emitter
The VCNT2030 is an analog output (mA) reflective sensor with a Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) as the emitter source. Longer range sensing at lower forward currents sets this sensor apart from its predecessors, the VCNT2020 and VCNT2025X01.
275 nm Low and Mid Power UVC LED for Non-Chemical Disinfection Solutions
Learn more as Vishay presents two new mid power 275 nm UVC emitters that promote excellent disinfection performance and lifetime. We will explore typical applications, wavelength properties, radiant power features, and the lifetime expectation.
Welcome Home Series, Season 2, Episode 2 - Thermostats and IOT Controllers
Most thermostats and home control panels with LCD screens include a proximity sensor to turn on the display as you approach. Learn how they work in this video.
Automotive Qualified Linear Optocoupler for Voltage and Current Monitoring
Learn more as Vishay presents a 1.4 MHz bandwidth AECQ-102 qualified linear coupler that promotes fast response and high gain stability. We will explore the working principle, features and typical applications of this linear optocoupler.
Welcome Home Series: Episode 4 - Smoke Detector Teardown
We continue to uncover Vishay optoelectronic products in the home. This episode has us looking up at something we hope we never need.