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Vishay launches K857PE - Industry’s First 4-Quadrant Silicon PIN Photodiode in Surface-Mount Package

Qualified for automotive, the K857PE combines high photo sensitivity with low 0.1 % crosstalk and virtually no tolerance between its segments and enables a variety of sensor and control applications for automotive, consumer, and industrial markets.


Welcome Home Series: Episode 1 - The Front Door
Vishay's Optoelectronic products found around the home with our first episode of our Welcome Home Series focused on the front door.
Phototriacs for Consumer Applications
Phototriacs – how they work and where to find them in your home - Run Time: 05:36
Safety Light Barriers and Your Garage Door
Demonstration of Infrared Emitters and Receivers in Light Barrier Systems ~ Run time 03:44
VOW3120 Widebody IGBT and MOSFET Driver
High-isolation and high-creepage at > 10 mm and 1414 V working voltage with 2.5 A peak output current
SensorXplorer™ is an easy to use software program to quickly and easily assist you with evaluating Vishay’s light-to-digital optical sensors. Learn more by watching this informative highlight video.