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Welcome Home Series: Episode 3 - TVs, DVDs, STBs, Streaming Media Devices

After uncovering optoelectronic products at our front door and garage, we finally get in the house, go straight to the couch, lie down, and grab the remote. We uncover optoelectronic products in and around our TV.


Low Input Current, 4-Pin Optocoupler Portfolio
A complete portfolio of low input current, 4-pin optocouplers - run time 04:45
Product Demo: Evaluation Board Demo: VOW137 Optocoupler
Switching test on VOW137 10 MBd high-speed optocoupler – run time 03:00
VOT8121AM, VOT8024AM PhotoTRIACs
Learn how our new 800 V SOP-4 PhotoTRIACs offer economical and superior isolated AC power switching.
IR Remote Control Receiver
IR Remote Control Receiver — Minimum operating voltage reduced to 2 V - Run Time: 03:06
VCNL4035X01 Gesture Sensor
AEC-Q101 Qualified Gesture and Ambient Light Sensor