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What Color Is It?

Watch how the VEML6040 RGBW can see your color! - runtime 02:00


Welcome Home Series: Episode 3 - TVs, DVDs, STBs, Streaming Media Devices
After uncovering optoelectronic products at our front door and garage, we finally get in the house, go straight to the couch, lie down, and grab the remote. We uncover optoelectronic products in and around our TV.
TSOP1 Series of IR Receivers
Next-generation miniature IR Receivers provide improved sensitivity, noise suppression, and pulse-width accuracy for IR remote control in televisions, set-top boxes, audio and video systems, air conditioners, cameras, video games, and more.
Low Input Current, 4-Pin Optocoupler Portfolio
A complete portfolio of low input current, 4-pin optocouplers - run time 04:45
Product Demo: Evaluation Board Demo: VOW137 Optocoupler
Switching test on VOW137 10 MBd high-speed optocoupler – run time 03:00
Automotive Grade PIN Photodiodes
Two new automotive-grade high-speed silicon PIN photodiodes the VEMD6010X01 and VEMD6110X01 - Run time 02:30