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SiP32458/SiP32459 Slew Rate Controlled Load Switches in WCSP Package

One minute video introducting the 20 mΩ Slew Rate Controlled Load Switches in WCSP Package

Power IC

EE Journal ChalkTalk: Accelerate the Integration of Power Conversion
The microBUCK® and microBRICK® DC/DC Regulators offer flexibility and integration while maintaining high efficiency. And our selection of high-density parts with common pinouts provides the best combination of cost and performance for your design.
Vishay PowerCAD Tutorial – How to use the DC/DC Buck Converter Simulation Tool
The Vishay PowerCAD online simulator tool helps designers accelerate the design of circuits using microBUCK DC/DC buck converters and microBRICK modules. PowerCAD capabilities include online schematics, built-in analysis tools, and BOM reports.
Envelope Tracking Modulator Demo
Demo on 100 MHz envelope tracking modulator using SiP2204
SiC462 Buck Regulator Efficiency Comparison
Live demo from APEC 2015 SiC462 Buck Regulator
SiP12109 Power ICs
Compact, High-Performance Buck Regulator.