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About Vishay Specialty Thin Film

Vishay Specialty Thin Film builds custom designed substrates and networks for high frequency applications and an array of thin film passive components. Our manufacturing facilities offer a range of capabilities to handle any thin film requirement.


Power Metal Strip® Resistor Power Coefficient (Product Demo)
A demonstration of the power coefficient performance of Vishay ...
MELF Assembly Video
This video demonstrates how Vishay MELF resistors are easily assembled when using the right equipment and process conditions.
Simulation of Vishay Thermistor Applications on  SystemVision© Cloud
A simulation of two applications involving NTC or PTC thermistors, performed in the SystemVision© Cloud. First, an ON OFF temperature control with NTCLE100, followed by a simulation of a current surge limitation by PTCEL in an SMPS circuit.
Vishay Dale Thin Film Resistors Overview
This video introduces a new product board which showcases the variety of the Vishay Dale Thin Film products. The board has been designed with the idea of simplifying the selection process. The resistors on this board are grouped into three categories: 1)
RAMK060 – Rotational Absolute Magnetic Kit 60 mm
This short animation provides an overview of the new RAMK060 and details some of the features, shows the dimensions of the product in detail and covers the recommended mechanical fixation conditions..