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Benefits and Design Rules of Filled Via Technology

Vias are useful for making an electrical connection from the top to the bottom of the substrate, eliminating noise in signal lines and dissipating heat from the substrate. Learn more on how to incorporate Vishay vias in your own design.


LTspice simulation of a complete simulation of temperature control
A full insight on an LTspice simulation with focus on the thermoelectric Peltier element, ADI’s ADN8834 controller, and Vishay's NTCLE213 thermistor and how the parts articulate themselves to obtain an optimal and realistic temperature control.
Who is Vishay Specialty Thin Film?
Vishay Specialty Thin Film combines the technology and expertise of three of the top custom thin film manufacturers in the world; specializing in thin film products, build to print manufacturing services and thin film wirebondable chip components.
Integrating Thin Film Resistors
In this video we take a look at the benefits for integrating Nickel Chromium (NiCr) and Tantalum Nitride (TaN) resistors into thin film substrates over adding discrete resistors.
Electronic Simulation with Vishay Thermistors (Part III)
This video in our electronic simulation series focuses on how to use the spice models of the leaded PTCEL components in SIMETRIX (with the cooperation of SIMETRIX TECHNOLOGIES Ltd).
Product Presentation: Vishay NTCLE350 Series Thermistors
This video explains the electrical / mechanical characteristics and product advantages of Vishay’s extended temperature NTCLE350 thermistor series, together with a demonstration of design resources including the product’s SPICE model and benchmark data.