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LT Spice Electronic Simulation of Inrush Current Limitation with PTCEL in SMPS

Learn how electronic simulation can help for the design of several PTCEL components in a rectifier circuit of a switch mode power supply.


Rotational Absolute Magnetic Encoders product demonstration (RAMK)
Learn how the RAMK060 works, what the main advantages are of this technology, and the variety of applications suitable for this product. In addition, we demonstrate the encoder working in different conditions; hot, cold and moisture.
NTCC200E4 Non-Linear Resistor Demonstration (filmed at electronica2014)
Short video highlighting the fast reaction time of the NTCC200E4
LPS Series of Thick Film Power Resistors
A one-minute overview covering key features and applications for LPS Series of Power Resistors. These high-power, small-size, low-weight resistors are ideal for power electronics like converters, inverters, and as discharge resistors.
NTC Mini Lug Sensor
In this short video, key features such as fast response time, small size, and accurate temperature sensing are described along with the applications of the NTC mini lug sensor (NTCALUG03)
Benefits and Design Rules of Filled Via Technology
Vias are useful for making an electrical connection from the top to the bottom of the substrate, eliminating noise in signal lines and dissipating heat from the substrate. Learn more on how to incorporate Vishay vias in your own design.