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PCAN Series - High-Power SMD Precision Thin Film Chip Resistors

PCAN Series Resistors Handle Up to 6 W of Power with Thin Film Precision


RAMK040 – Rotational Absolute Magnetic Kit 40mm
This short animation provides an overview of the new RAMK040 and details some of the features, shows the dimensions of the product in detail and covers the recommended mechanical fixation method.
Wire Bondable Passive Components
Vishay EFI offers a full range of wire bondable passive components, including thin film resistors, MOS and MNOS capacitors, and thin film spiral inductors, all of which share Vishay EFI's high standards for performance and quality.
ACAS Vishay Thin Film Chip Resistor Arrays
This Vishay TechCast takes a look at the construction and the manufacturing process of the ACAS product, and explores the advantages and applications of the Thin FIlm Chip Resistor Arrays
Rotational Absolute Magnetic Encoders product demonstration (RAMK)
Learn how the RAMK060 works, what the main advantages are of this technology, and the variety of applications suitable for this product. In addition, we demonstrate the encoder working in different conditions; hot, cold and moisture.
NTCC200E4 Non-Linear Resistor Demonstration (filmed at electronica2014)
Short video highlighting the fast reaction time of the NTCC200E4