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Vishay Dale Resistors Leaded Wirewound Product Board – Commercial Wirewound

Commercial Wirewound Sample Board


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Solutions for the Continuum of Change
LPS Series of Thick Film Power Resistors
A one-minute overview covering key features and applications for LPS Series of Power Resistors. These high-power, small-size, low-weight resistors are ideal for power electronics like converters, inverters, and as discharge resistors.
Ultra Flat Potentiometer Demonstration
Learn about the Ultra Flat Industrial Potentiometer Membrane technology, showing the easy mounting and the waterproof parameter of sensor, along with examples of applications and customizations.
Vishay MELF Resistors Take on Thin and Thick Film Technologies in Head to Head Competition
Welcome to the Vishay Test Lab. In this animation, we pit thin film, thick film, and MELF resistor technologies against each other in tests of pulse load handling capabilities and drift, and explore why Vishay’s MELF resistor is the clear winner.