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RAMK040 – Rotational Absolute Magnetic Kit 40mm
This short animation provides an overview of the new RAMK040 and details some of the features, shows the dimensions of the product in detail and covers the recommended mechanical fixation method.
Thin Film PAT Series Training Module
Thin Film Automotive Grade Precision Chip ResistorResistor
Ultra Flat Potentiometer Demonstration
Learn about the Ultra Flat Industrial Potentiometer Membrane technology, showing the easy mounting and the waterproof parameter of sensor, along with examples of applications and customizations.
LPS Series of Thick Film Power Resistors
A one-minute overview covering key features and applications for LPS Series of Power Resistors. These high-power, small-size, low-weight resistors are ideal for power electronics like converters, inverters, and as discharge resistors.
NTC Mini Lug Sensor
In this short video, key features such as fast response time, small size, and accurate temperature sensing are described along with the applications of the NTC mini lug sensor (NTCALUG03)