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Thin Film PAT Series Training Module

Thin Film Automotive Grade Precision Chip ResistorResistor


Fast Track Program for Vishay Dale resistors
An explanation of the program for quick delivery of limited volumes of resistors
Benefits and Design Rules of Filled Via Technology
Vias are useful for making an electrical connection from the top to the bottom of the substrate, eliminating noise in signal lines and dissipating heat from the substrate. Learn more on how to incorporate Vishay vias in your own design.
TNPW Thin Film Chip Resistors Product Overview
The TNPW is sulfur-impervious and AEC-Q200 qualified, making it suitable for applications where precision and long term stability are required. The power rating has also been upgraded and the series is now offered with 0201 case size.
Vishay Thin Film Product Board
Check out this product board video for a guided tour of the Vishay Dale Thin Film portfolio. A journey which takes us from x-ray machines to amplifiers demonstrating the diversity of thin film resistors. We cover resistor networks, medical, automotive and
AC-CS Fusible Wirewound Safety Resistors
This video provides an overview of Vishay’s AC01-CS. AC03-CS and AC05-CS Fusible Safety Wirewound Resistors. Learn how the product’s special electrical parameters, fusing characteristics and design help designers more easily meet the requirements of safet