ABS / ESP ECU and Actuator Control

Vishay Components Used

  • Power MOSFETS
  • Diodes
  • Capacitors
  • High Stability Precision Resistors
  • Inductors/ EMI Filters
  • Transient/ Overvoltage Protection Devices
  • ESD Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection

The ABS / ESP control unit for passenger cars and commercial vehicles is the most important active safety function in today's automotive technology. All functions in a modern ABS / ESP system are controlled by electronic control units (ECU) that communicates with an elaborate array of sensors placed at strategic locations throughout the car to monitor everything from wheel speed to driving direction, centrifugal force and wheel blocking. Tight electronic control means that braking gets much safer, to avoid accidents by the new possibility of having full steering control while braking, to shorten braking distance, with ESP - to eliminate skidding on curves (up to physical borders), than this has been in yesterday’s cars. Modern ABS / ESP systems are going to replace more and more electrohydraulical to electromechanical components to gain more brake sensitivity and save energy. Park brake functions could be integrated in this new technologies, which enables new functions like drive-on aid. Additionally the weight of the new systems are supposed to be far fewer. Newest ABS / ESP system are even capable to handle complex situations with trailers.